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Preparation for each career goal has totally different requirements. It's easy to access one's athletic ability, physical attributes, strengths and weaknesses and thus devise a program for building an extraordinary physical specimen. It's easier still to determine one's vocal limitations. You can sing or you cannot. Understandably, voice lessons overall offer limited improvement, dancers can be choreographed etc.
All of these, however, pale in comparison to the ACTOR.  This is not to minimize the challenges of the other professions.  Any career that reaches professionalism is to be applauded.  But the challenges of becoming a professional actor can be overwhelming if you are not only academically but emotionally prepared.  It requirs an individual commitment that can be summed up in the old adage – “Only the Strong Survive.”  One major factor that contributes to a lack of commitment is that many of those aspirants lack the emotional strength and fortitude to withstand rejection.  Secondly, they lack the confidence and belief in self.  And finally, they lack the determination.  It is paramount to meet their personal development requirements.  No success is possible without training.  In fact, once you truly have the expertise and training, your beliefs, confidence and determination are automatically enhanced.  Confidence comes from knowing that you know what you are doing.  The Ensemble is prepared to offer you the complete package.  We believe that before you can build an actor, you must first build the person.  That is what a truly successful actor is.  That is a STAR!

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