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Los Angeles Times
Hollywood Reporter
Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Ebony Magazine - King Heroin's community anti-drug campaign
The Black American - 12/23-29/76
ShowBiz West - 2/80 "Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble, Fanning Know-How and Confidence"
Equal Opportunity Student Magazine
Back Stage - 6/74 Al Fann's Talent Supermarket "Our Actors Work" promo
Associated Press, John Crittenden, Movie Critic, N.Y., "A Talent Showcase in Harlem"
Associated Press, "Believe in Yourself"  key to children's acting classes
Show Business - 12/76  "Commercials:  That All-Too-Elusive Commodity"
Lil Cumber Fisher's Scratch Pad - 8/87
The Black American - Vol.15B, No.40 9/30-10/6/76
Drama Logue - 5/78  "Academia" by Donna Matson, The Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble
Show Business
Los Angeles Times, Part V, 10/82  "Positive Thinking with Disco Beat (drama school for children teaches self confidence)
LA Sentinal
Teaching Children to Mind Their Show Business
Reel Soul

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