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Al Fann & Company (AFC), originally started under the direction of Al Fann at Karamu Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1950’s, performed Broadway Shows, Operas, and Song & Dance numbers at Theatres, Synagogues and Playhouses throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area.
AFC gave birth to The Al Fann & Company Theatrical Ensemble in 1965 housing a select group of youths from Harlem, New York.  The performing unit trained and developed a group of highly professional young people emanating from a grass-roots base of raw talents, determined wills and a zest to be something.  This energetic group of young people, ranging in age from twelve to sixteen years of age, drove for excellence and won.  Out of a national competition of 53 entrants, they emerged the #1 Performing unit in Canada’s Expo ’67.  The Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble went on to become the most outstanding group of actors and actresses – achieving multitudes of film and stage performances from Townhall in New York to the White House.
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