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Mi Mi Green-Fann is one of those rare individuals whose blazing personality penetrates the hearts of everyone with whom she communicates.  Whether she's performing before the camera or demonstrating those special skills to the adult drama students, Mi Mi is consistently projecting that elusive quality called charisma to which her associates readily respond.  Naturally, she's the Ensemble's Good-Will Ambassador as Director of Public Relations.  A dynamic dynamo in motion.

Al Fann is, above all, an outstanding  actor who believes in winning and in sharing what he knows to help other actor's to win too!  Even at the early stages of his career, critics acclaimed his directing, acting and singing talents.  He determined that he would develop a technique that would give him an edge.  He called it "The Winning Edge."  This has become the single most important element to define the success of his acting career.

A-Jay's first love is acting. That love expresses itself so vividly in her chosen profession.  First, she's one of the nations finest actresses.  However, her talents can be found vibrating in the Ensemble's Toddler's Workshops.  A-Jay is a highly capable child specialist who's young student's exemplify her talents by performing professionally in commercials, print ads, film and television.  She doubles also as an Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director.  She is a truly dedicated artist who enjoys being a winner!


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